Bobby Yang

movement for the wooden violin

A 21st Century American Violinist. Classically-trained and influenced by rock, Bobby produces legendary dance parties, tributes classic rock, and performs his all-original symphonic songs on the violin surrounded by instrumentalists who share his madness for good music played with deftness. And, he refuses to play an electric.

Go Blue: NCAA gametime guacamole tips

Some rock nachos, some stack hoagies. For me, watching the NCAA tourney is synonymous with guacamole (thanks to the Rose family!) A few personal guac thoughts:

1. Putting the pit in the guac does NOT preserve it. I don't know who started that myth, but they're full of it. Just squeeze in lime juice and it'll stay green for the day.

2. A potato masher doubles as a pretty perfect avocado masher.

3. Buy the biggest Hass avocados you can find/afford. Don't fall for the 2-for-$1 runts with the big pits.

4. Ingredients? One clove of pressed garlic per avocado. Dash of garlic powder. Dash of chili powder. Kosher salt. Ground peppercorns. And just enough cilantro, minced serrano pepper and red onion - not too much or else the texture gets messed up.

How do y'all guac? Any variations you care to share?

Oh, and GO BLUE and continued luck to all the teams still in it!

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