Bobby Yang

movement for the wooden violin

A 21st Century American Violinist. Classically-trained and influenced by rock, Bobby produces legendary dance parties, tributes classic rock, and performs his all-original symphonic songs on the violin surrounded by instrumentalists who share his madness for good music played with deftness. And, he refuses to play an electric.

Led by violinist Bobby Yang, BPM combines a live jam band with a track-sampling DJ. Yang and BPM take over Top 40, Motown, classic country, hip-hop, EDM and indie rock tracks, creating live remixes on the spot. They've performed for New Year's Eve in Aspen, summer soirées in Portugal, wild NFL and NBA wedding receptions, and star-studded dance parties. Wherever they go, they bring the virtuosity of a live band and the body-moving beats of a DJ.

BPM has seen a million faces (and rocked 'em all).

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