Bobby Yang

movement for the wooden violin

A 21st Century American Violinist. Classically-trained and influenced by rock, Bobby produces legendary dance parties, tributes classic rock, and performs his all-original symphonic songs on the violin surrounded by instrumentalists who share his madness for good music played with deftness. And, he refuses to play an electric.

The composing process: The Lost Cosmonaut

While composing, I had scenes from my favorite hero movies in mind (think Balboa, 007, Skywalker), and along the way, I created my own hero, The Lost Cosmonaut. There is a conspiracy that during the space race Russians were sending cosmonauts into space without knowing how to get them back. That sense of the unknown parallels the feeling I have about releasing an album of all original music, and every song on the album paints a scene from the journey. I describe it as a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist, but when you come to a live show, I tell the story.

The album is driven by complex melodies and features a big, cinematic sound with violin, string arrangements and piano. I have been promoting the album with public shows from Buffalo to San Francisco - some even with full orchestral accompaniment!

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