Bobby Yang

movement for the wooden violin

A 21st Century American Violinist. Classically-trained and influenced by rock, Bobby produces legendary dance parties, tributes classic rock, and performs his all-original symphonic songs on the violin surrounded by instrumentalists who share his madness for good music played with deftness. And, he refuses to play an electric.

Two '70s in the garage. Thought one would be gone by now...

Yeah, those are holes in the hood - that would only work in the Las Vegas desert. (A pair of MMD heat extraction vents will go in the holes.)

I'm currently sitting on two 1970 GM A-bodies, a Camaro and a GTO. Both are a hoonin' hoot to drive, the Camaro has a modern 5-speed, a strong 350, an aluminum '69 Z28 cross-ram intake and posi. The GTO has a Muncie 4-speed, an aggressively-cammed 400 with roller rockers and posi as well. Both pull like crazy and break loose in 3rd gear. The Camaro is loud and brash; the GTO feels (and sounds) turbocharged - the Pontiac 400 motor is an incredible piece of Motown engineering. I bought both with the intent of restoring and reselling, which I've done over a dozen times with various cars and trucks, but something is holding me back. Something about the combination of these two cars making it incredibly hard to part with one of them.

My GTO is black (as is the Camaro) and causes traffic to swerve into it - I've never owned a car that was as much of a crowd favorite as this one. I get at least 2 thumbs-ups/rock-hands/hang-looses every mile I drive it. Makes me feel like a damn rockstar. Vintage Firestone Wide Oval blackwalls from Coker tire and 15" Rally II wheels really set it off. And burnouts produce a chilling high-pitched non-radial squeal which must be the same as knowing you have the highest range in the gospel choir. Addictive stuff to say the least - who needs to go fast when you have friction in the palm of your hands (and feet)? This is an M20 4-speed with a 3.55 posi in the rear and it is a perfect prescription for fun around town - especially in Vegas where all streets are wide, smooth and straight. It's got Judge stripes and GTO decals, and the venerable 60-inch wing which Darth Vader would totally approve of.

My Camaro has dual side exhaust, inspired by the Trans-Am racers of the era. It was a daring decision, along with glasspacks, and I have absolutely no regrets. A street exhaust has *never* sounded so throaty and nasty - I'm constantly looking out for 5-0 as I'm guaranteed a ticket of some variety if it's heard. That thing that Harley riders say about riding their cycles: "It's the best therapy session you will ever have" - well, this Camaro is all that and then a-lotta-some. I actually laugh out loud when touch 4000rpm, the sound is Pagani Huayra meets Sunoco Camaro good. Screamy, guttural and tough as shit. Casting call for Mad Max 4? This is the car.

The problem is - the market for 2nd Camaros is soft right now. The recent Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction results for these cars were abysmal. It's just not worth selling right now, I'd much rather keep it and have fun with it if the tens digit isn't at least a three.

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